The BioPhyMeTRE project


Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development

The ENEA Division of Health  Protection  Technologies located in Casaccia Research Center (Rome), develops cellular and molecular methodologies, aimed to evaluate the effects of ionizing radiation and physical and chemical noxious agents on human health as a result of therapeutic, environmental and/or occupational exposure.

It also develops basic knowledge, procedures and technologies in order to convey to National Health System and sector industry products, pharmaceuticals and advanced systems for therapy and diagnosis of high social impact (radiobiology and radiotherapy, technologies and biomarkers for medical diagnostic, plants as bio-factories for biopharmaceuticals production.

Antonella Testa
NATO  country Project Director (NPD)

Biologist, is senior researcher at ENEA Casaccia since 1990. Her main research activities are focused on the genetic effects induced by ionizing and non-ionizing radiation and on Biological dosimetry for retrospective dose reconstruction in case of accidentally exposure to radiation. She has been involved in several studies on the DNA damage repair polymorphisms potentially involved in the individual radiosensitivity and cancer susceptibility. She also participated on biomonitoring and molecular epidemiology studies focused on occupational exposures and cancer development.

Clarice Patrono

Biologist, with a Master Degree in Biotechnology and a PhD in “Biology and Molecular Biotechnology”. She is a Research Scientist at ENEA since 2008. She has expertise in biomonitoring and retrospective biological dosimetry. Her main research activities are focused on the fields of radiobiology and cell biology, particularly concerning studies of in vitro radiation-induced biological effects, evaluation of cytogenetic damage, cell viability, cell death mechanisms and analysis of in vitro effects of hyperthermia as radiosensitiser.  She participated in molecular biology studies on the role of polymorphisms of DNA repair genes in cancer susceptibility and individual radiosensitivity.

Valentina Palma
Laboratory technician

She is employed for technical support activities at ENEA Casaccia Research Center of Rome (Italy). She is mainly involved in researches aimed to study the genotoxic effects potentially induced by physical and chemical agents in human cell lines exposed in vitro. She participates to biomonitoring studies by using conventional cytogenetic assays (chromosome aberrations and micronuclei). Recently, she has been involved on molecular epidemiology studies focusing on the individual radiosensitivity related to differences in DNA damage repair genes.

Address for contact

Dr. Antonella Testa

ENEA – Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development

Casaccia Research Center

Via Anguillarese, 301 – 00123 Rome, Italy

Email: antonella.testa@enea.it

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